Blessings & Cleansings

Blessings & Cleansings

Whether you have already had an investigation done or you just want to minimize the negative energies within your home or business we can help. Our house cleansings and blessings have been proven effective with a 90% success rate. While we wish it was 100% there are are several reasons that keep this from happening.

Stressed, highs and lows, psychic attacks,fatigue, low self-esteem,  spirits, curses, portals, vortexes, attracting more negative situations, bad luck, arguments, cold spots, mood swings, angry,  moaning, migraines, depression, odd noises / taps, Agitation, electrical stuff breaking, dark shadows, feeling like being watched, strange smells,  something out of corner of your eye and many more.. 

If you believe your house is haunted, call us and we confirm this then you may want a house cleansing. Paranormal activity that causes threatening or harassing events to occur either by physical manifestation or psychological harm can be commonly cured by an age old cleansing ritual know to the paranormal community as smudging. We offer these services free of charge after an investigation or independently

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do this myself?

Yes if you are brave enough you can try it yourself. Just google it and see what you can do. However, most people try this themselves who have little or no education about spirits, ghosts and the psychic intentions that go along with this ceremony. No, we are not saying you can’t do it, just be sure you have the knowledge and preparation before doing this because it is very critical to get just right. Ascension is a group of professional paranormal investigators with experience and the knowledge to make sure the ceremony goes smoothly.. So, take our service its free of charge and free of hassle on your part to learn the ceremony and about the entities you are dealing with.

What is a ghost rescue?

During the ceremonies of ghost rescuing you must be able to deal with the ghost one on one and communicate with it even if it manifests itself fully in front of your eyes. Please, let someone deal with the ghosts who has a proper understanding of them, this is for your own safety.

No professional investigator would recommend you dealing with harmful entities or ghosts to try to cleanse them because if you do  you can expect violent behavior in most cases and possible possession so please get help.. its free! Which is more important your health and safety or your family or your pride because someone could seriously get hurt. Would you go into the woods after Predator by yourself or have an army of commandos do it for you?

What is the difference between a blessing and cleansing?

A blessing is a service that simply attempts to remove the negative energy within a  location and to help prevent future intrusion of negative spirits and entities.

 A cleansing service is an attempt to remove the location of all spirits and entities. The purpose is to rid the location of negative spirits or entities and help earthbound spirits crossover. Please note that these services are NOT guaranteed. These services are ineffective when demonic entities are present Also, we highly suggest an investigation be conducted before having a cleansing service requested..

Why is this happening to me?

Odds are hauntings by a negative entity (ghost/spirit) and it needs to be removed. Whenever something tragic happens at a location or it’s inhabited by a ghost who went through a traumatic experience and has motives like that of revenge, extreme sadness or anger and even fear sometimes, then this tends to cause negative energies and ghosts. Odds are they are trying to prove something or gain something from physically harming or psychologically harming you. Their intentions are NOT MEANT to bou have a haue focused on you.. Unless of course you have provoked the entity enough..

What if I haven't requested an investigation and my location isn't haunted?

We are assuming you have no medical condition nor prescription drugs affecting you. ·Clients often request a house blessing in order to draw negative energies out and calming ones in. Believe it or not anything can cause negative energies that can cause A LOT of stress and other things to occur.

If there is a lot of anger, regret, depression..etc in your household it can lead to anything from as little as a heated argument to physical and psychological abuse in some cases causing mental disorders or breakdowns. After a blessing has been competed, clients have reported better stable lives, less stress an tension, ability to accomplish more, thinning of the air and improved overall atmosphere that seems to results in a healthier lifestyle.

While the ritual has been proven effective for centuries we do NOT claim it will work for you. For rescues, a ghost will not move on if it doesn’t want to and/or you are not going to believe it will work. For cleansing, the ritual is most effective on negative ghosts and entities that are physically, emotionally..etc harming or harassing you. The ritual like most things in the paranormal community is theoretical. THEREFORE, WE DO NOT CLAIM SUCCESS IN ALL CASES; WE CAN ONLY GUARANTEE YOU THAT WE WILL ATTEMPT THIS….WHILE FAILURE IS RARE IT DOES HAPPEN AND OCCURS FOR VARIOUS REASONS.

How can I request this service?

You can request a cleansing by contacting us directly. After an investigation you may request one whether or not evidence of paranormal activity is found.

You can request one separate from investigation by sending an email to the case manager, just be sure to state you only want a blessing.

Ghost Rescues and Cleansing can ONLY be done after an investigation of your location. This is because we can’t help or rid your location of the ghost/entity unless we know what we are dealing with and who we are dealing with.

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