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Since 2006, we have provided the community with high quality professional services.

Ascension makes a vital, ongoing contribution to the community by providing quality professional services including paranormal investigations, blessings/cleansings as well as educational endeavors..As members of several respectable professional organizations we hold all of our services to a high standard to offer you the best services possible. Ascensions mission is to provide the community with quality services in order to assist with paranormal phenomena related issues and historical preservation endeavors

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We offer an in depth paranormal investigation service in which we will conduct historical research and conduct an on-site investigation to help determine the cause of the haunting or situation. Upon completion we will work with your family or business to help resolve the situation and assist and lingering spirits with crossing over if needed.

We offer location cleansing only after an investigation has taken place. This service attempts to rid negative entities of the location and help positive ones cross over or find peace.  If you wish for a blessing to be conducted to help remove negative energy or to promote positive energy in a home of business then we can help you with this as well.

Have an event coming up and want an interesting experience or are you a starter paranormal investigator or team who wants to learn about how to conduct investigations and such hands on? Book this service today!

Have a convention coming up or looking for an interesting speaker? By booking this service we will come and give a seminar on various paranormal topics as well as spiritual topics.

Whether you are going through a rough time or you want to learn more about improving your quality of life through meditation we can help.  We can also help you to develop your psychic abilities and increase your awareness.

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